Group Project 2

9 Mar

In our project 2 to design buildings for an historic city, we chose Renaissance Florence.

Renaissance Florence Basilica Church by Lizzy Saunders

One of the things that the people of Florence held the highest, was religion. Likewise, some of the most important structures in the city, were religious ones. In particular, basilicas. The structure shown, is of just that. In the floor plan shown, there is obvious elements of renaissance basilica architecture shown. There is an entryway at the walk in of the church, and a nave (aisle way) with 4 bays and aisles on each side. The aisles are lined with small chapels as well. The nave leads all the way up to the chancel, which back then would have been in between the choirs.  In each of the 3 smaller domes, the apse, (a semi-circle or polygonal ending to a channel) can be found. And of course, the gigantuous dome is a dead giveaway. A separate building lies to the east of the entryway called the campanile. This is the bell tower for the church.

There were many patrons of these churches in renaissance Florence, however they almost always were saints. One of the most famous basilicas, was the patron  Saint John. The formal elements of the church structure, was most often carvings in the actual material of the building. This includes marble, limestone, and brick most often. The function of the religious structure was a place for worship. People came to celebrate and practice their faith, christianity.

renaissance basilica plan church elevation 001 Renaissance Basilica plan church floor plan 001


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Renaissance Florence  Government Building by Oliver Shawen

Floor plan description:

The floor plan has several influences from roman antiquity such as the pantheon for the central rotunda, the columns and the use of circles as a main grid element for the layout of the structure and a balance achieved by using the golden mean to achieve harmonious balance. The layout is spacious and reflects the classical openness shared by many roman building layouts.

Exterior Description:

The exterior of the building is meant to both reflect and expand upon the classical ideas and views of beauty and space. The use of Corinthian columns, domed roof, half dome, and vaulted ceilings all reflect back to classical style building design. The building achieves balance through symmetry, while simultaneously achieving a grandiose like stature due to the elevated nature of the building.

reniessance Government building exterior Reniessance Government Building Floorplan

Renaissance Florence Domestoc Design by Cassidy Buck

Floor plan

In Renaissance Florence homes were made to show off. They often included courtyards containing sculptures, entertainment rooms, and giant arches. At minimum they would have 8 to 10 rooms but most of the time they would have over 20. Symmetry was a key design element they used when it came to the outside as well as the inside. Ceilings were flat and were often painted. The walls were smoothly plastered and finished with lime wash


As i said before symmetry was important to Florentines. They commonly had tall arches and columns in the front of their homes. The windows on the first floor were mainly arched while the second floor had square windows. The roofs were usually made out of clay barrel tiles. Mouldings on the interior and exterior were highly detailed and were carved with precision and stood out rather than being recessed.

IMG_1760 IMG_1762

Outdoor Public Space by Dalong Yang

Besides religious culture and architecture, Renaissance Florence has been known for its beautiful gardens designs, too. The garden I designed has a round artificial fountain in the middle of the garden which is ver religious with carved sculpture on it. It’s because in Renaissance Florence the idea of pantheon was very popular. Even for today this kind of design is still following the concept of the religious culture,

The whole garden is assembled of 4 small gardens which have one fountain in the middle of each. And by each of the 4 entries of the garden, there is a standing sculpture. No matter which entry one starts to get in the garden, you will see straightly of the middle of the garden.



Project in Process

2 Mar

So as all of you know I have been working on my final project and it’s about my childhood supernatural experience. According to the feedbacks from my previous critiques, I realized that many of my peeps or teachers still have no idea about what I’m exactly doing or what I really really want to say in my works. So here is the blog here which would let me explain them one by one clearly.

Firstly the media I use for creating my works is my camera. So my works are main photography. And I will print all of them in big sizes as about 52 x 36 inches.  And I already did it for two pictures to see how they look like (see the picture below). It turned out very well and I like them.


For the content of my works, though I got inspired by my supernatural experience, that doesn’t mean I want my works to be frightening or able to make people feel horrified about ghosts. I truly don’t think this two have any strong relationship. Supernatural experience doesn’t equal ghosts and I want my audience to realize this point at first. Especially it’s my own experience. I saw them by my eyes and heard them by my ears. It might not work for other people but just me. Thus what I want to say is that my project is a very personal, private project.

Then why I want to make them? What is in it for my viewers? I have to say these are really good questions that I didn’t really make my answers clear (thank you Julie!!! :)))  Though it’s very private, I still want to share my experience with you. Because even it’s private, it’s just because I experienced them by my own or my nanny. So only I know what it was like and how they looked like. And no matter how they looked like, the only thing I want to show and create is the feeling that 13 year-old me had toward the things I was facing. For you it might be horrible to experience supernatural or excited, for me it’s all about cognition: the cognition by which I believe there is not only one world that we live in and also the cognition by which I know we don’t exist alone. Even there are only you in one totally empty clean space, you might not be alone. There always could be “the others”. That’s the story I want to say by my works.

Now let’s talk about the colors of my works. Yes it’s black and white and the natural skin color of my models. Why black and white? Why not blue and yellow? It’s because of my cultural background. In China we have Tai-Chi in black and white, and we also have the hell messengers dress in black and white. People attend funarals in black and white clothes…… Apparently black and white represent two different kind of worlds in my culture and tradition. And they should since they are two totally extremely opposite colors. What colors can be better to represent my idea of the existing of “the others” than others? The answer is NO.

The other reason for me to do this project is that I want to try playing with body language and compositions in my works. “The others” don’t have any prop to play with and at the same time I need them to show how they invisibly exist and interact with “us” in interesting compostion. By making “the others” dark skinned, I want to clearly differentiate them from “us”.

And just in case if anybody would still be confused, yes my works are mainly editorial and related with fashion. I’m a fashion photographer but that doesn’t mean what I’ve been doing has nothing to do with fine arts. For me fashion is always closely connected with fine arts. And many fashion designers like Alexander McQueen are also considered as fine artists. Fashion is trendy and fast, but fashion could also be classical and goldenly forever. It could be art. Thus next time when people ask me where do you see your works showcased at? Magazines or galleries? I’ll just say mainly magazines, websites and medias but I’m also happy if any gallery wants them. So the answer is: anywhere or everywhere. More audience and feedbacks are forever welcome. And I’m happy, proud and I hope I could live by what I like doing for my life. That’s the most important thing for me.

Now I’m getting my frames done and selecting 5 works from all the pictures I got for the show. We will talk about that on my critique on this Wednesday. Thank you!

unnamed-1 unnamed-3 unnamed unnamed-5 unnamed-4 unnamed-2

15 19 20work 1 work 2 work 3

My Ancient Greek Art Tour At The Met

2 Mar

During the time I was at New York, I went to the Metropolitan Musuem of Art for my Art History instructor, Miss Tangy, suggested me to go and see some real Greek Art Works.

I have to say that I have admired the history of Greece since high school and one of my favourite artists, Myron, was from Greece. So I was so excitied when I arrived the Ancient Greek Art Gallery on the first floor of the Met.

The first art work came into my eyes was a marble statue. According to the information offered, the statue was for a “kouros” (youth) from Attica in Greece between 590 – 580 BC. He’s depicted as a young athenian aristocrat. This statue really got my attention because it looks very very ancient in its style. I am from China and as one of the oldest countries, China has tons of art works made by ancient Chinese people. And this statue really reminded me of them.


Th pose of the statue is also interesting. It is said this kind of pose with left leg forward and arms at the side was derived from Egyptian art. And the statue itself provided a clear formula that was used by Greek sculptors throughout the sixth century B.C.

Another one got me into it was also a statue made in marble. It’s a form of a sphinx, a mythological creature with a lion’s body and a human head. It is known in various forms throughout the eastern Mediterranean region from the Bronze Age. Talking about this, no one would be unfamiliar with the most famous sphinx from Egypt. However, this one is totally different. It’s said to be also from Attica in 530 B.C. And it was originally crowned the tall grave marker of a youth and a little girl on view in the gallery. One could see how it’s supposed to look like by  just like anothe marble stele focommemorating a soldier just besides the sphinx statue (2nd picture below).

Image2   Image3

The sphinx which retains abundant traces of red, black and blue pigment was carved separately from the capital on which it stands. And the way it’s carved and put also reminded me of the traditional lions statues back in China. However, different from putting the lions statues in front of gates to prevent bad luck or devils, Greeks represented sphinxas a winged female and often placed its image on grave monuments as guardian of the dead.

There are tons of the Ancient Greek Art Works represented in two floors in the Met. And they are all amazing to know about. I would like to show more pictures below for you to get some preview and I strongly suggest you to have a tour there next time. You’ll love it!!

ps: I took notes of all the art work I took pictures of. Feel free to ask me anything if you are interested.

Image5 Image6 Image7 Image8 Image9 Image10 Image11 Image12 Image13 Image14 Image15 Image16 Image17 Image18 Image19 Image20 Image21 Image22

Progress of My Project

6 Feb

So since it’s almost that time… I mean the show time, I almost finished all the shootings for my final project for this year. This semester I’ve done re-shoots and new shoots for my “the others” themed photography series. Though I still can’t say theses pictures are going to 100% what I’m going to use at last, for now they are quite what I want to show. Perhaps I’ll use more male models as the spiritual figures in the works… like one or two more pictures just in case my audience might think the works has something to do with genders.

Below are them. Let me know if you have any suggestions. I appreciate it!

unnamed-1 unnamed-3 unnamed unnamed-5 unnamed-4 unnamed-2

Review of My Peep: Amy Lewis

25 Nov

dsc_0182 lewis_amy_the_cube_of_copernicium_1As a sculptor, Amy Lewis sees her self as an artist with a Fluxus mindset.

That is also how I feel about her and her works. Having participated in many

critiques of Amy’s, I got the great opportunity to peep her studio and the

process of her making arts. It’s surprising to know how Amy sees her

materials as living beings just like we humans. The truth is at the first time I

saw Amy’s works, I could feel something living in her works.

The way she jointed or positioned the materials she used gave something,

I would liketo use “spirit” here, for the art works she produced. Amy even

allows her works which are made of metal, paper clay or other industrial

materials to have feelings and thoughts. One can tell this straightly from

the video she created for our show from last year. In the video, her works

could automatically move and react with each other romantically.

It’s also fun to see how those square metal boxes layer up one by one

or the gears scrollto different sides. YES that’s another element that Amy

always tries to represent for her audience by the projects, her humor.

It’s exactly from her Fluxus mindset for the humor is part of her life and

our life and also her works’. As a humorous artist her-self, Amy likes to

describe her works as weird or fragile. However, for her audience like us,

we would like to say that her works are industrial, uncanny and playful.

The power and life that Amy endows her works are obvious to see.

Moreover, the beauty of the uncomfortable composition and movement

also inspire artists like me who admires Fluxus. I can’t wait to see more

of her works in the future.

Website of Amy Lewis:

3rd Post of This Semester

8 Oct

Having started working on my new project of this year, I try to combine both the real and surreal worlds together in my works this time. Unlike what I did before, I want to try a brand new style of concept with the inspiration I got from my memories of childhood.

When I was about 10 or 11 years old, I had been disturbed by something supernatural for almost a whole year. It all started when I moved in a new place with my house servant (my parents were both so busy with their jobs that they were always travelling by that time). I clearly remember that I had a nightmare on the first night I slept in my new bedroom because after that day, I started to leave the lights on while sleeping. And then things got worse that I gradually could hear somebody invisible crying or talking to me or even see objects moving by themselves in my home. Nobody else could hear or see that so when I told the stories to my parents or the servant, none of them believed me until one day, our servant saw a dead man standing in front of us with me (he’s dead for sure because we knew him and he just died like two weeks ago before we saw him). And then we moved out soon. Things became better but till now I still could feel them sometimes and could not turn off lights during the nights.

What I want to say is that I know we human beings are not alone, both physically or spiritually. I remember when I talked with a psychic about my experience once, he told me “there is always atleast one or two of them around you but you may have no idea”. And that’s where my inspiration came from —– even it seems you are alone in one space, you might be not. And I entitle my project “The Others”.

I also get inspired from a lot of Chinese and Japanese horror movies for they are more close to my experience and my background. And even though I look at these movies or use my own experience, I don’t aim to show the part of horror in my works. Looking back at my dark memories, I feel more interested then terrified in what I have seen. They are like different scenarios I’ve been through which help me with the composition of my pictures. So my goal is to make them unromantic but also romantic at the same time.

At last, I don’t mean that I saw ghosts while talking about my childhood, there is no prove that ghosts ever exist. However, I do know and have experienced that there are things co-existent with us. Even though they are invisible or untouchable. I’d like to categorize them as different kinds of power according to my knowledge.

One peep from the project


2nd Post of this semester

25 Sep

4 33 hahaha lululala melody nan red smal

Just want to share some pictures from what I have done from the Summer. I was really lucky to get opportunities to work with defferent designers from different areas or countries. Among all the works done during the Summer, my favorite are those which have red garments. I guess I just really love my country lol (Red is the representative color of China).

Besides featured in fashion magazines back in China, some including what I took for my last semester’s project are also featured in western online fashion or vision magazines like Vogue Italia or Dark Beauty Magazine which really inspired me and my team. The best part is the feed backs I’ve got from the audiences and artists from different profession or culture. I guess that’s why we love internet.

dark6 haha

Image3 Image1(5)71e2dc0c-a1cd-4c5d-b56c-af9ccf4e1f49_IMGcbd554ad-6888-4bb4-a32f-7f0bf668339c_IMG